Hi, I'm Niraia

I'm a character in the science fiction MMORPG EVE Online.

Intriguing Niraia Facts

  • Niraia once killed a titan. She felt bad for the pilot.
  • Niraia sent this picture to CCP Falcon to thank him for his work on the fantastic EVE Source book. It is rumoured that CCP Falcon uses it as his desktop wallpaper.
  • Famous mission runner TinkerHell is the only person known to have heard Niraia talk. She said it was like hearing God.
  • Niraia is co-owner of EVE Online Hold'Em, where EVE players can play poker against each other for ISK. EOH is over 7 years old, and has securely handled hundreds of trillions of ISK.
  • At the time of publishing, Niraia holds the title of third most time spent in EVE, according to Chribba's excellent character information website. Niraia will one day lead this statistic.
  • Niraia is the rightful CEO of famous small-gang capital PVP corporation 'Nocturnal Romance', and rightful executor of the 'Cynosural Field Theory.' alliance.
  • Niraia cannot drown in water, because of her buoyancy.
  • Niraia bravely and decisively defeated Brave Newbies in many battles in Placid.
  • Despite Niraia's lack of enthusiasm towards voice communications, Niraia is still one of the best fleet commanders in EVE.
  • Niraia once activated a micro jump drive instead of a shield hardener in a smartbombing battleship fleet, mercifully sparing hundreds of lives.
  • Niraia is a passionate Jin-Mei loyalist.
  • Niraia's old bras are used by the Federation Parachute Corps.
  • Niraia usually hates inferior Caldaris, but will always have a warm place in her heart for Commissar Kate.
  • Every year, The Lirsautton Melon Farmers Association awards golden statues of a melon to the melon growers who have made significant achievements that year. These statues are popularly called 'The Niraias'.
  • Niraia is the owner and founder of the most exclusive social channel in EVE Online.
  • Famous Federation pop star Midna Lyre signed the left side of Niraia's red Quafe shirt at a concert.
  • Niraia has only been scammed once, by CSM delegate Gorski Car, for the sum of 500 million ISK. Niraia was promptly refunded.
  • Niraia was appointed Internal Affairs agent in the old Hydra alliance, the worst alliance ever created, days before they were defeated in their home region, Vale of the Silent.
  • Quafe tastes twice as good if you think of Niraia.
  • Niraia's vaginal muscle grip strength is in the top 1% recorded for all human women.
  • Niraia used to be in a Swedish corporation. On the anniversary of its founding, Niraia attempted to bake Kladkakka, but used too much sugar. It reportedly still tasted delicious.
  • Niraia has the largest breast volume ever recorded for a Jin-Mei.
  • Niraia mostly mined Omber in a Bantam during the EVE Online beta.
  • Niraia once soloed the entirety of a terrible alliance named Al3xander, but stopped her campaign after encountering Teamspeak recordings of various members making creepy efforts towards discovering her address.
  • A crystal champagne glass, moulded from Niraia's left breast, sold at auction for 21 billion ISK.
  • Niraia only recomends Chribba, Darknesss, and Grendell for third party super-capital transfers. Niraia has handled an obscene amount of ISK at EOH, and is responsible for ensuring the fair and honest operation of the service. Niraia might agree to third party things if you ask nicely.
  • There are no legitimate sellers of Niraia breast milk. All such traders are counterfeiters.
  • Niraia once commissioned a portrait of herself, pictured in her suite on Lirsautton with her pet eagle. The portrait was completed by Evelyn Anna Baine and can be viewed here.
  • Niraia is a moderator of the sophisticated market discussion channel 'SCC-Lounge'.
  • Niraia was painted by Mynxee in YC117! You should check out her website here.
  • Niraia is frequently held up at customs due to false melon smuggling accusations. (Commission by Niden ♥)



Aurora Morgan


"I was just no one, but then I met Niraia and now I'm popular, rich, and can drink quafe every day."


Nocturnal Romance

"Filthiest stripper I've ever hired, 10/10 would catch things I didn't know existed from again"

Ria Nieyli

Unknown Soldiers

"Niraia has the best ass to snort x-instinct off of."


IronClad Victory

"When you are courting Niraia an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity."

Boom Boom Longtime

EVE Corporation 6908469858

"Niraia for CSM."



"In Theravada Buddhism, Niraia is the place where only the most experienced and skilful lovers reside. In my dreams, I visit this place every night."

Fyery Phoenix

EVE University

"Niraia is the only flare of light in the abyssal depth known as Cynosural Field Theory. Like a beacon of hope guiding my probes in the torrents of puerile babble while I explore the far reaches of their home territory."

Halcyon Ember

Repracor Industries

"I never knew true beauty until I saw Niraia, when she let me drink her Quafe I was lost forever."


The Retreat

"Niraia...what can one say about a legend? Who so gently but firmly wields the Whip of Command over her acolytes....errr, I mean EMPLOYEES. And who has so perfected the wielding of mailed fist under silken glove? THIS. IS. NIRAIA."

Cassie Helio

Push Industries

"I wasn't much of a man until I met Niraia. Just remember to never play cards with her, Niraia always wins!"

Siou Terminabuntu

Unified Technologies

"We spoke of philosophies, of the image we create for ourselves in a virtual universe. The implications of our actions and words. With each passing verse of thought I knew I was not alone."

Yasemin Hanim


"Even if everything goes to shit, and I'm close to dying to the infinity of boring space, magical Niraia makes me happy and puts a smile on my lips."


Mind Games.

"I wish I could become a Jin-Mei like Niraia."


Technologies Unlimited

"Niraia is a great programmer when you hold a gun to her head. If you want your work to be done quickly, you might need to take out her knee caps to let her know you're serious."

CCP Falcon


"Well, Niraia, if you run for president you have two quite promient points at the front of your election campaign right there." - CCP Falcon clearly endorsing Niraia as candidate for President of the Gallente Federation

Lenai Chelien

EVE University

"That day I met you in Covryn... One of the best days in my life."

Eliana Eros

Neon Incorporated

Our Niraia
Jin Mei's celestial being
Moored with dotingness
Dollfaced yet staggering fruit
Denouements cling unwritten

Amianne Sanserre

Curse of Knowledge

Beyond the ample ornamental adipose that adorns so decorously the slender ribcage of Niraia beats the refined and noble heart of a scholar and poet.
And yet too is there endearing vulnerability in her delicate spirit, a colourful bloom kissed by fragile frost, a joyful flame struggling to shine in cold and pitiless vacuum. To know her is a pleasure, to be loved by her a privilege.


Collapsed Out

Though we are far apart at present, my heart is with you every moment, for I often think of you when you are asleep.

Spring HeeledJack

Black Omega Security

Niraia is the human embodiment of everything that holds us together.... love


Thus is the accounting of Niraia's glory:
Her fair beauty unparalleled,
Much of her life sounds a fabled story,
But it is by many personally beheld.

Watching Niraia walk away,
You'd scarcely believe your eyes,
That ass was dank, its viewers would say,
Most jealous of her spies.

'Tis said that when Niraia would leap,
The entire world stood still.
She'd be most amused and think not a creep
Of those who kept Niraia's naughty pictures on their sill.

When a poor man met Niraia he'd find
That his luck had finally turned.
For what was once a daily grind,
Became riches so mercifully earned.

If ever for CSM Niraia swiftly ran,
She'd be instantly made their chair,
EVE stands to gain from her benevolent span
Carried by her sweet derriere.

One day left lovely Niraia at a loss
When an enemy stole a Domination tower,
But her influence and greatness proved to toss
That nameless enemy right out of power.

If one has looked into Niraia's gaze,
They know her eyes fiercely dance
But only a select few have the blessed ways,
To step into Nocturnal Romance.

~The Secondary First

Third Party Service

Here is a log of my third party transfers. Mail me in-game if you'd like me to help you out!

Date Item(s) Seller Buyer
05-Oct-2015 Nyx Feawen Gaiden R